Letter from the Chairman


We are proud to have become a recognised provider in the delivery of supports within the new NDIS era. Since registering with the NDIS in 2014, we have grown as a peer-led provider and now support 664 clients around Australia, with 238 My Supports staff across the country.

Our relationship with the NDIS has been excellent and we fully support the choices and control they are creating in the community. While it’s still in the early stages of its development, we feel the NDIS has a true commitment to creating a better world for people with disability. Our clients are supported no matter how large or small their NDIS plans may be. We are committed to ensuring we go MAD (Make a Difference) in the lives of the people we support. Implementing our clients plans in a timely manner using our peer experience and networks ensures we are making that difference.

We use the peer-led approach of employing, with many of our staff living with their own experience of disability, either personally or with someone in their family. This focus creates enthusiastic discussion at table meetings. where we endeavour to create the best outcomes for the people we support.

The Neighbourhood Team concept is working well in delivering supports using local people and facilities. To keep in the neighbourhood mindset, we meet in local facilities, like a coffee shop, to create a less formal atmosphere and keep engaged in the community. Our Neighbourhood Team coordinators are an incredible group of people who work hard to bring all aspects of our client plans to life. This can include support workers, therapists, capital requests, and all aspects of capacity building.

We are not a ‘one size fits’ all company! Our Support Workers are employed on their values and compatibility to our clients. This is supported with Meet and Greets where the client’s needs are the primary driver for support worker matching and engagement.

We appreciate feedback from our clients and staff as we endeavour to create a company that delivers outcomes in an informal, focused environment that considers main stream participation wherever possible.


I hope you enjoy our first newsletter.

Warm regards,

Jim Cairns
Chairman of My Supports