Brayden's Story, a Young Man and his Strong, Independent Family

Brayden is a young man who was having a challenge finding his place in school. Brayden’s parents, Destenee and Darren, were doing their best to support Brayden, but were feeling isolated and felt organisations were not listening or engaging with them. 

Last year, Destenee and Darren welcomed to the world Stacee, a younger sister for Brayden. This was wonderful news, but did put additional stress on the family. Due to this stress, Stacee could not come home immediately. It was a very difficult time for the whole family.

Last year, the My Supports Southern Adelaide Neighbourhood Team met Brayden and his family and Karol Jansen, the team coordinator, became the specialist coordinator for Brayden’s NDIS Plan. Karol worked closely with Destenee and Darren to implement a person-centred approach and the supports required. This included the introduction of a developmental educator for Braydon and therapists to work with the whole family. 

Brayden and his family are strong, and always wanted their independence – and with the NDIS and the person-centred supports this has enabled, these qualities are shining through.

Brayden is regularly attending school and is now second top academic student within his class. 
Karol worked closely with the family, and Stacee has now arrived home permanently.
Brayden and his family wanted to share their story and successes with others.

“It was an absolute pleasure and delight to support Brayden and his family, watching them grow into a closer and loving family” Karol Jansen, team coordinator, My Supports Southern Adelaide Neighbourhood Team.