Staff Rewards Winners!

My Supports has officially completed its first year of our Staff Reward Program.

It has been great to see so many staff recognising fellow team members — around 200 nominations had been received. A big congratulations to everyone that was nominated, and a thank you to everyone. All winners will be joining the leadership team in WA to celebrate their achievements.

Here they are!

  • Susan MacGillivray (WA) for always being on the forefront and empowering people. Sue is a very proactive team member and always willing to help others succeed. 

  • Emily Slater (NSW) for her commitment to our clients and ongoing positive feedback. Emily has also been recognised for her professionalism and leaderships skills. 

  • Penny Meldrum (QLD) for her respectful nature and professionalism and making a difference in the lives of others. 

  • Tania Quin (VIC) for her professionalism and approach to client work and being a proactive and supportive team member 

  • Jaqui Gale (SA) is recognised for professionalism and reflective leadership and commitment to her team. 

Thank you again to everyone who participated. We will be seeking ideas for the next program starting in July — please send your ideas through to