Are You a DPO/FO NDIS Provider? Do You Know One?

What is a DPO/FO Provider?

This is a new NDIA definition and means Disabled People Organisations and Family Organisations. DPO/FO organisations:

(1) Have a commitment to the Social Model of Disability, which seeks to remove barriers for people with disability and live an ordinary life; and

(2) Are run by and for people with disability and/or their families, being at least 50% of people with a disability and/or their families making up the board or staff (or both*).
* For membership of the Working Group we are asking you are both.

The DPO/FO Working Group believes that:

(1) The emerging NDIS marketplace will be more diverse and end-user focused if people with a disability and their families play a role in delivering NDIS services.

(2) That the experiences and insights of people with a disability and their families can lead to more innovative, person-centred and disability-rights thinking in NDIS services.

It is early stages, but the NDIA are being supportive and we have a NDIA delegate in Working Group – we now have a forum to discuss how the NDIA can play a role to ensure the DPO/FO sector can be successful.

We would be keen to hear from other organisations who want to join the Working Group. It is open to all organisations who meet the definition.
Contact to get involved!

Stay tuned for a new DPO/FO Working Group website!