We provide a range of support services to people living with a disability


Our Neighbourhood Team Coordinators can help you get the best out of your NDIS Plan. They have a wide range of networks to connect you with, such as therapists, equipment specialists and support services.

Your Coordinator will help you take action and follow your plan, supporting you in achieving your goals. 

Community Connections

Our Neighbourhood Support Workers know your local community because they are part of it! We will connect you with a support worker who best fits your needs, personality and interests so you can build a good rapport and feel at ease about exploring new opportunities with their assistance.

Whether you would like to take part in a new activity or hobby, meet new people or just get out and explore, our Support Workers strive to make your community goals a reality. They will actively support you to make your own choices and new connections while encouraging your independence.

Support at home

Our Support Workers can help you in your own home. We can assist you with your personal care needs, dressing, cooking meals and other day to day tasks you may need support with.

Our support workers will treat you with respect and dignity and will work with you to achieve independence in your own home. 

Are you moving into a new home? We can provide short term support while you settle in or on-going support to help you to maintain your independence at home.

Living Arrangements Including Host Families and SDA's

The NDIS is implementing exciting new housing options for participants. My Supports can assist you to think about what housing option is right for you. We can assist you in understanding the possible role of the NDIS supports in achieving your housing goal, as well as mainstream services. This can include the new options of Host Families and Specialist Disability Accommodation. 

Host families can be an option for people who wish to live in a regular home an street but would like the safety, security and companionship of living with a welcoming family or person. The NDIS may fund a Host Family Arrangement in some circumstances.

The Specialist Disability Accommodation is funding in your NDIS Plan to pay for rent when you need Specialist Accommodation. It is only available in special situations. My Supports can help you understand your options, negotiate providers and get an arrangement that best suits you. 

Capacity Building Supports Including Therapist and Specialists

My Supports works with selected local professionals to provide a growing range of NDIS Capacity Building Supports. This includes Developmental Educators, Psychologists, Counsellors and other therapists and specialists - all in your local community. 

Employment Support

My Supports can help you become work ready and achieve your employment goals by kick-starting your journey to finding meaningful employment. We can help you to find work experience, volunteer work or paid employment, and provide you with ongoing support in your working environment. 

WA School to Work Transition Project

The NDIS Perth Hills trial site in Western Australia is currently running the School to Work Transition Project, providing students in Years 10 to 13 with 150 hours of employment support funding on top of their normal NDIS funding to assist in preparation for life after school.

In WA, My Supports has an Employment Support team ready to help your child explore the possibilities of future employment. We work with each client, and their family, to discover their interests and then translate that into future work or study options. We then start to construct a resume, build up employable skills and look for work experience, part time employment, business development prospects or further education opportunities.

Transport Training

My Supports has a specialist Transport Training Program to help you learn and understand Public transport operations in your local community. We focus on timetable reading, trip planning and safety.

We will tailor the program to suit your needs and work with you to identify the key places you need to visit.