My Supports was created by and for people with disability.

Peer-led provider

More than 50% of our staff either have a disability or a significant lived experience (i.e. primary carer of someone with a disability). This ensures we keep a person-centred approach and deliver genuine value.

Our staff often identify clients that become My Supports employees because they have the skills and desire to mentor their peers and help them achieve their goals.

We believe there is no better way to try something new with someone who has a similar disability and has worked towards what you are trying to achieve. (i.e. independently accessing public transport)

A peer-led provider is run by people who understand first-hand, the unique challenges you face and we want to support you in achieving your own goals. 

Mainstream inclusion

Quite often, the traditional programs provided for people with a disability both segregated people and reduced their full choice and control. My Supports focus on empowering people with a disability to integrate into their community by participating in mainstream activities.

Our local community focus means that our Support Teams are focussed on identifying options that are available locally.  My Supports values align with the O’Brien Five Accomplishments which supports client choice and control in the areas of:

Community Presence

  • How can we increase the presence of a person in local community life?

Community Participation

  • How can we expand and deepen people’s relationships?

Encouraging Valued Social roles

  • How can we enhance the reputation people have and increase the number of valued ways people can contribute?

Promoting Choice

  • How can we help people have more control and choice in life?

Supporting Contribution

  • How can we assist people to develop more competencies?

Goal Orientated

All NDIS participants have a personalised NDIS plan with funding that is linked to their own personal goals. The main priority for our Support Workers is to help their client in progressing towards these goals.

My Supports keep our Support Workers informed of client goals and gives the ability to report on their success so that essential information can be used as feedback to the NDIS when a plan review is being undertaken by the NDIS planner so that real experiences inform the development of the plan. 

Valuable Support

Our unique mode of operating means that we are able to provide great benefits to our clients, such as:

  • Personalised service due to our philosophy of employing people with “lived” disability experiences.
  • Fast actioning of NDIS plans due to our non-hierarchal, team-based structure.
  • Specialised knowledge of the NDIS system, giving a greater level of overall understanding to our clients.
  • Reporting available wherever we have internet access (remotely accessible) thanks to our purpose-built NDIS management software.
  • Focus on you as a person, not the numbers. We do not discriminate on plan size - all of our clients are valued equally.
  • Support Workers who are individually matched to client’s personalities, needs, goals and experiences.